" Winners don't do the different things,
they do the things differently "

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Investment Adviser
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*This is a very good software for Money management , so that you can calculate your risk and profits before reaching the targets,

You can calculate everything,
The exposure you have to take,
The % (percentage ) you will earn,
The approx. target
Real time Risk - Reward ratio

Everything what a full time day trader need  and which is must for day trading.

Money management is must for a day trader,If you don't know money management or if you are not using it, it means you are trading blindly, doing Gamble only, This will not be termed as day trading, so you will not earn like a day trader.

We are the first and Only  Company In India, who is giving full Whatsapp support during market hours for our paid clients ,In Market hours, our executive will be present to provide Instant Support .

SEBI Registered Investment Adviser


Every body knows that only 1-2 % people earn money in the share market ,Do you know who are they ?

They are those who knows day trading strategies and have some extra knowledge than others, ,and the most important part is that they trade with Good Research and advice  like , we gave  , we advice to trade with the trend

so more unity
more money at a single point
at a single time
more powerful movement in the share market

You will see a long long green or red candle at our tips that is due to a huge money comes in market in single time, you will also see the high volumes in our tips like you always see in the FIIs activities.

You can not earn money just by getting tips,and we know many of you have taken the service of many other websites but you did not get the satisfaction,

that is why we are the superior than others and we are the best share market tips providers for NSE for cash , Nifty , future,options all.

We will teach you the best Day trading techniques along with money management {with the help of TECHNICAL CHARTS } free of cost, these are very helpful  for a day trader,

If you dont know these strategies, you can earn a simple profit only,
if you will learn these day trading strategies,then you will earn maximum from our tips and you will become more confident and more powerful in day trading ,
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Free softwere:
We do not provide any softwere of our own ,but for the help of investor and traders we have searched a softwere which is freely available to all ,we will just give you a simple link from where you can download and can use it by our recommended method,this will really help you a lot.