" Winners don't do the different things,
they do the things differently "

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0% Brokerage On Equity Delivery
Flat Rs 20 per executed order for FNO & Intraday
Unlimited Free Equity Delivery trades.
Get Bracket Order Facility Free of Cost
Get Absolute Training From our Team for Trading
Get Automatic Buy / Sell Signal System*


You just have to pay 20/- per order , either you are buying 1 lot or 100 lots or 1000 lots

You can see there are many Brokers who are charging 50/- to 100/- per lot now a days , now take an example below

Example : Suppose if you are trading with 20 lots in Options ,

If your broker charges 100/- per lot then you are paying them 2000/- for Buying & 2000/- For Selling ,It means , you are paying 4000/- per call

Whereas in Zerodha 's Supernsetips Group , you will have to pay only 40/- Brokerage ( 20/- for First order of Entry & 20/- for 2nd Order of Exit )

So if you trade 5 times in a day ( 5 entry and 5 exits) it means you will be charged around 200/- in Zerodha and around 10000/- 20000/- in other Brokers (using 20 lots )

* Taxes remain same for every broker but still you will save a lot
Please enter your contact details and you will be contacted by a representative from Zerodha. Remember this Supernsetips Group benefits are provided by SUPERNSETIPS and not by ZERODHA. So if you want Supernsetips Group benefits then your ZERODHA account must be mapped under Supernsetips.
Q :    I have the account  with Zerodha already , Will I get these Benefits ?

A :    NO, You Will not get the Benefits of Supernsetips Secret Group

Can I Sign Up  with any other Family member name in zerodha under  Supernsetips ( if I have the account with zerodha already ) to avail the facility of Supernsetips Group .

A .    
Yes , You can Do That .

Q.    Will you Provide any Software ?
A.   Yes , We are planning to provide you the software & Training for Technical Analysis  in coming Days.

Q.    In which Secret Group you will add me ?
A.     The Secret Group has already full by the traders on the first batch, If you have filled our form (given above) before 1st of July then you would have been added already  .

         The Traders who will Submit the Form after 1st July 2016 , then you will get the following features and a chance to be added on  Secret Group soon.            

A.      There are many other benefits as given below : -

          1.   You still have the chance to be added in 2nd Secret Group , whenever we will open fresh entries .
          2.   Our Team will help you in Your Trading in all segements.
          3.    We will Teach you Advance STRATEGIES to trade by which you can become a Good Professional Trader.
          4.  We will  give you Automatic Signals Strategies System , which will give you AUTOMATIC BUY AND SELL
               Signals & you can Easily earn 3K to 4K . ( These systems will be given to First 250 Traders Only )
          5. You will get Discounts upto 50% on our sevices ( Depend open the offer present on that time ) .

Note :  The Traders who have been contacted by ZERODHA or have signed up with them  in the PAST they will not be contacted by our TEAM , so you can read question number 2 given above for the solution..

* Read Disclaimer & Terms & Conditions present in Supernsetips.com before subscribing our services.