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You Can Use Our Free Trial As Well As Paid Trial For Any Plan
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You Have Not Provided Any Contact Number In Your Website. Why ?

We Provide Our Contact Details To Paid Clients Only As We Already Have 16000  Free Clients  So It Is Not Possible To Provide Support To So Many Free Clients.,

( We Don'T Provide Our Contact Number In Our Website, Because There Are Mostly The New Clients Ask The Basic Questions To Us , Like What Is A Limit Order, What Is Market Order, What Is Odin, Which Broker Is The Best ? Like This , And We Do Not Have The Time To Answer All These For Free Clients.

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Yes , Absolutely

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We Will Not Be Responsible For That ,We Activate Your Account After Realization Of  The Fee Received.

What Is Technical Analysis?

There Are Main Approaches Used In Analyzing The Movement Of Share Prices.

       1. Fundamental Approach
       2. Technical Approach

Both The Approaches Have The Same Objective Of Buying At A Lower Price & Selling At Higher Price To Get A Good Return Of Investment. Thus The End Goal In Both The Cases Is The Same.

A Person Who Follows The Fundamental Approach (Known As Fundamental Analyst) Would Be Concerned With The Fundamental Factors. His Aim Would Be Arrive At The True Worth Of The Share Based On The Current & Future Earning Capacity Of The Company. If He Finds That The Share Price Is Higher Than Its True Worth He Would Be Booking Profits Or Moving Out Of The Script.
A Technical Analyst On The Other Hand Is Concerned With The Direction Of Movement. He Would Be Buying If He Sees That The Main Trend Is Rising & Would Be Moving Out Of The Script As & When He Finds That The Script Is Reversing Direction. His Approach Is Based On The Analysis Of The Demand Supply Equation. If The Demand For A Script Is Greater Than Its Supply The Price Would Be Expected To Rise Prompting The Analyst To Buy On The Same Count If The Supply Of A Script Exceeds Its Demand The Prices Would Be Expected To Move Downwards & He Would Exit From The Script Or Book Profits.

In Theory Though There Is Tow Approaches To Investing In The Share Market More Often Than Not The Analyst Is Familiar With Both The Approaches. A Technical Analyst Would Look At The Basic Fundamentals Before Investing & The Fundamental Analyst Would Bear In Mind The Technical Position Of The Market.

Technical Analysis Is A Vast Subject & Our Intention Is To Cover Its Main In Simple And Short So That My Customers Who Would Certainly Find The Approach Interesting And Rewarding For The Same. For More Details Click Here

Major 3 Rules Of Market ?

1. Market Discounts Everything
2. Market Moves In Trend
3. History Keeps Repeating Itself.

What Do You Mean By Trend?

Trend Is Nothing But The Direction Of Movement. Logically The Share Price Can Either Be Rising Or Falling Or Moving Narrowly (Flat) Thus There Are Three Directions In Which Price Can Move These Three Directions Give Rise To Three Types Of Trend:-
A. When Price Moving Upwards The Trend Is Said To Be Rising
B. When Price Moving Downwards It Is Called Falling Trend.
C. When The Prices Are Moving In Narrow Range The Trend Can Be Said To Be Choppy Or Flat.

What Are Trend Lines?

Trend Lines Are Straight Lines Drawn By Connecting Either The Tops Or The Bottoms. To Draw A Straight Line One Requires 2 Points. Similarly To Draw Trend Lines One Requires At Least 2 Tops Or Bottoms. This However Does Not Mean That There Cannot Be More Than 2 Tops Or Bottoms That Can Be Connected To Draw A Trend Line. In Fact The More The Number Of Tops Or Bottoms That Are Touched Or Connected By The Trend Line The Better Or More Powerful The Trend Line.

Trend Line Is The Simplest Yet The Most Effective Way Of Reading The Trend. Just As Trend Has 3 Directions Rising, Falling & Flat There Are 3 Types Of Trend Lines To Represent Each Of The Directions Of Trend. These Three Types Of Trend Lines Are The Rising Trend Lines, Falling Trend Lines And Flat Trend Lines.

The Rising Trend Lines Would Represent A Rising Trend And Is Drawn By Connecting The Rising Bottoms. The Falling Trend Line Represents The Falling Trend And Is Drawn By Connecting The Falling Tops. The Horizontal Trend Line On The Other Hand Is A Flat Trend Line That Represents The Flat Trend And Is Drawn By Either Connecting The Even Tops Or The Even Bottoms Posted By The Script.

What Do You Mean By Support & Resistance?

The Concept Of Support And Resistance Is Quite Basic Yet Powerful Enough To Call Turning Points During Any Up Move Or Down Move To Understand This Concept Let Us See An Example:- ABC Company Is At Rs.100.00 For Some Weeks. It Than Starts Rising And Reaches Rs.150.00 At This Point The Rise Halts And Converts Itself Into A Fall. The Script Keeps Falling Back To Around Its Original Level Of Rs.100.00. Where It Again Starts Moving Upwards.

What Has Happened Is That Buying Pressure Pushed The Script From Rs.100.00 To Rs.150.00 Where It Met With Selling And Than Fell Back To Rs.100.00. At This Point It Again Attracted Buying And Moved Upwards. Thus The Script Has Met With The Support At Rs.100.00 And Resistance At Rs.150.00. Technically These Two Levels Are Called Support And Resistance Respectively.
Support Level Is The Price Level Where One Can Expect Buying Pressure To Mount To An Extent Where By The Fall In Prices Would Be Halted For The Time Being. Resistance Level On The Other Hand Would Indicate The Price Level Where The Selling Pressure Would Mount To Halt The On Going Rise In The Script.