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Free Money management software
+ Free Options day trading strategies
+ Free Money management techniques


Rs. 30,000/-

2 Months Full Subscription

Options Jackpot

+ Free Money management software
+ Free Options trading strategies
+ Free Money management techniques


Rs. 49,000/-

11,000/- Discount

Combo Jackpot 1 Month

Options Jackpot
Nifty Jackpot


Rs. 49,000/-

11,000/- Discount
limited time offer for jackpot nifty options tips for sure shot profits pay now
limited time offer for jackpot nifty options tips for sure shot profits
 jackpot nifty options tips for sure shot profits
sure shot intraday tips

Huge profits from Nifty Options ( Call and put )

This is a very perfect and the best plan for Nifty options traders ( CE & PE )

* Required Trading Capital is 1 lakh only

* 100% Intraday Tips for Nifty options with 97% Accuracy .

Shortest Stoploss of options will be provided

No one can provide you the smallest stoploss as we will give you...

* You will get 1-3 sure shot tips daily for Nifty options ,but all calls will come only one by one, so it will be very easy to trade as only one call will be open at a time.

* If you want to increase your trading capital in a very short period of time.then this plan is very good for you.

* Useful for a Nifty options trader who want to use lots more than or equal to 10.

* Targets achieved in the same days, No overnight position, No Tension with huge volume.

* You have to book your 50% at whatever price we will tell you to book and then you have to modify stoploss on your taken price (cost)

You will get a Software for Money management and Advance day trading strategies for Options trading from us (absolutely free )in this plan

* You should have low brokerage for Options (call and put) .

for example :

9/- Rs. per lot is given by www.R k global .net (for nifty options)

zero brokerage is given by many brokers now a days, we are not recommending the brokers, you can use any broker of your choice with minimum brokerages.


Buy nifty 4600 PE on 90 st 86 T3 = 97, 110,125 (real call of 27/11/9) **

Suppose you just take 20 lots only.

There are two probabilities :

1. If stoploss hits , you will get the loss of 20 X 4 X 50 = 4000/-

( 3% chances are present to hit stoploss )

2. If only 2nd Target hits , You will get the profits of 20 x 20 x 50 = 20,000/- Rs.

(97% chances are present to hit the target )

So if you can bear the loss of just 4000/- you can earn 20000/- easily daily with just the investment of 1 lakh only.

** We will give you 3 targets in all the calls so the above calculation shown in the above example is based on the 2nd target only.

Remember More Capital = More Profits

* In Cash or Future Market , if you take the risk of 4000/- ( for example) you can earn only around double the risk capital but some time you can get only few percentage as a profits .

But in Options trading you can earn upto double ,triple of your capital or you can say 100% to 200% profits easily with minimum risk .

*Calls are sent by yahoo messenger and sms (both) for all the calls to all over India.we will give you nifty options by both in this plan.

* You will get enough time to enter into the trade approx you will get the call around 5 to 10 minutes ago, and you will get 100% satisfaction in just one day of your subscription.

       If you want you can take a cup of tea before putting your orders

* Shortest Stoploss for options  will be provided

* we give both entry SMS and exit SMS. We follow up the call till  exit

1) Select the Package from the  given comparative chart

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a. Cash

b. Debit cards

d.  NET BANKING  by All Indian Banks. Just click on PAY NOW Button  you can pay us easily within 2 minutes

e. ITZ cash card ,mobile payment

f. We accept payment through cheque also , you can drop cheque in our acount holder banks ,( ICICI or HDFC BANKS)

These cheque can be dropped at any ICICI ATM counter's cheque drop box

c. Can transfer funds via electronic transfer from your account to our account

Account Name:                               Super Nse Tips com
A/C NO.:                                         03160 500 1223
Account type:                                  current
BANK                                               ICICI BANK
Branch name :                                 Delhi
RTGS / NEFT (IFSC code) :           ICIC0000316

(remember payment by  DEBIT CARD and NET BANKING  , FUND TRANSFER  will give you instant activation,and your account will start working from the same day so enjoy by paying online.

3) Fill up the   Activation Form after payment (it does not mean how you pay, but you must have to fill up this form to activate your account

. click here to fill Activation Form

1 Month =  Rs. 30,000/-

2 Months =  Rs. 49,000/-

you will get the following with this plan:

1. Money Management Software

2. Day Trading Strategies.

3. Money Management Techniques.

4. NIFTY FIIs level strategies


1. Select the plan
2. Make the payment
3. Fill up the Activation form
You will get Instant Order confirmation with reciept.
4. You will get User ID and Password

5. Then You can
Download our software
You will have permission to access our secure server pages to learn our


sure shot with guarantee
Terms & Conditions:

#  100% payment in advance for any of the Subscription  packages and for renewals subscription too.
#   Price Include 14% Service Tax + 4% Transaction Charges if Paid by CCAVENUE
#  Subscription period starts from the date when first call is given .
#  Recommendations will be sent to your Mobile number and Yahoo messenger both
#  No refund of Payment allowed.
#  All decisions of buying & selling are at the sole discretion of the subscriber.
The recommendations are based on Technical, Indicators, etc methods which change as the markets are dynamic
and we are not liable for any loss that could occur as a result of our recommendations
* There is no guarantee of the profits , The result shown in the website is just depend on past performance
Our calls are for Educational use only. Never intended as Trading/Investment advice.
limited time offer for jackpot nifty options tips for sure shot profits pay now